BRG continually invests in research, design and development to improve the performance and protective advantage of its products - an investment that has yielded approximately 325 patents to date. Our teams are able to leverage economies of scale and resources from throughout the company when creating new products. Design and engineering teams from across brands constantly examine how equipment can help boost an athlete’s performance and protection. In this way, new approaches in one sport lead to new insights in another.

Helmet Technology Center

The Dome

Our culture of innovation is most highly visible at our Helmet Technology Center, the heart of research and development for BRG. The DOME is the largest helmet research and development center in the world. With facilities in Scotts Valley, California and Hong Kong, the Dome brings together the most experienced helmet experts to collaborate and design high performance head protection. We have 62 people dedicated to research and development with 410 combined years of helmet experience. Unifying helmet research across the brands leads to the best technologies being transferred across sports. Our brands have pioneered some of the most impactful innovations in helmet technology history in football, snow, and power.

The Dome’s design and engineering teams from across sports come together with one thing in mind – the athlete. Our expertise and passion for success continues to set new standards for product performance, building trust and confidence from athletes around the world.

Game Changers


    Based on the custom shoe developed specifically for Taylor Phinney to race at the 2012 Giro d'Italia and Olympic Games, the Empire™ has all the smart, hard-pedaling details of a competitive road shoe, with a classic laced closure. Maximum power comes from our premium BRG EC90 unidirectional carbon outsole that delivers maximum power transfer with minimal weight.

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  • Riddell 360 Helmet

    The Riddell 360 helmet is the product of countless hours of advanced testing and data collection on and off the gridiron. A calculated combination of technology and performance highlights enhanced protective features while amplifying player prowess when it matters most – on gameday. Built for protection, performance and comfort, the Riddell 360 boasts an aggressive design and employs protective technologies new to the football field. These breakthroughs earned the Riddell 360 the highest possible 5-STAR Helmet Rating from the engineers at Virginia Tech.

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  • Riddell InSite

    The Riddell InSite Impact Response System is a new integrated monitoring and alerting tool designed specifically for the proactive protection of football players. Riddell developed InSite based on its Head Impact Telemetry System (HITS) and Sideline Response System (SRS), a technology that has analyzed over 2 million impacts since 2003

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